Classic, Stylish, Storytelling

Joel Walker and Stephen Bailey formed Offerings to Odin in 2012. The pair met in music school, while Bailey was pursuing a degree in composition, and Walker a degree in recording arts. They discovered, and were surprised by, a common thread in musical taste. Years later Walker approached Bailey to start a band. Discussions were held. Names and concepts were brought up and rejected. Finally the pair discovered another common thread: a shared interest in norse mythology. Offerings to Odin was born. Now, Bailey’s expertise in composition and sound design couple with Walker’s artistic vision, lyrical sense, as well as the pair’s strong background with audio production combine to make the unique sound that is Offerings to Odin. No other band sounds the same. Mysanthropy and growling rage abound in both music and lyrics, but the obverse appears as well: self-actualization, fullfilment of true potential, and an overarching desire to be heard. This over a bed of throbbing, aggressive beats and screaming synth lines. Offerings to Odin is difficult to ignore, and even more difficult to forget.