Lately it seems that things have been changing around me at a rapid pace. For whatever reason, it seems to me that the things I held as sure things are on shaky ground. This has led me to question my own beliefs and thoughts about myself. There have been times in my life when I feel like I have things figured out, times when I feel confident in what I know and I am sure-footed. Lately it seems to be the case that I feel inadequate. Just when I think I know something about a particular subject, I find many more people who know a great deal more than I.   It’s an incredibly humbling experience, especially for someone who has a lot of pride like myself. I suppose that having a good dose of humility every once in a while can keep me even keeled and hungry to find out more.   In truth, I should never be satisfied with what knowledge I have accumulated, I should always want to learn more about subjects that interest me. All too often, self-satisfaction is a rut that I can fall into, and I need to be more aware of that.   It is time for me to polish the knife and start cutting away the things that I don’t need and start concentrating on expanding my horizons.



This is the second entry in my blog. I realize it has been over two months since I made my initial entry, but….sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to write at a particular moment, so we let ideas slip away. This particular blog entry is going to be very short and to the point. Offerings to Odin is not a racist band. Offerings to Odin does not support a racist agenda and does not associate with those who do. It is common knowledge that there are a few bands who use Norse imagery to promote racist and nationalistic ideals. This is unfortunate, however symbols of all kinds for the entirety of history have been used for awful purposes. Offerings to Odin is an exploration of MY heritage, beliefs and relationships to myself and the world around me. Also OtO encompasses my shortcomings as a human who was born into this world, just the same as everyone.


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This is the first entry of a blog in which I intend to add to on a regular basis.  Firstly, if you are reading this I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for taking an interest in Offerings to Odin and thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.  This blog will be the sole domain of myself “Svipal” and not a collection of entries.  My band-mate, Stephen, is a very private person and has a lot of other things going on which demand his attention but I want to use this space to share with you things that have been going on in my life and thoughts that have been occupying my head space.

It took me a long time to decide on what I wanted to write about for my inaugural blog entry, as this will be the first thing that comes up when someone decides they want to know more about the person writing the lyrics.  I finally settled on a theme that is near and dear to my heart, and really one of the formative reasons why I started OtO in the first place; and that is the idea of transformation.  I recently watched Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey again and was struck by the powerful and all encompassing theme of human evolution, and the evolution of our consciousness.  I came to the realization that first and foremost, I am an evolving creature and while I may have been born human, I am constantly trying to evolve myself in a way of my choosing, and therefore I strive to be more than human.  Humanity has never existed in a vacuum.  From the fist australopithecines we have been changing and evolving; adapting to new surroundings and finding ways to break new ground physically, mentally, technologically and spiritually.  I firmly believe that when one stops changing one starts to die.  Unfortunately, this can occur early on in life with some people, who get so stuck in their ways and modes of thinking that they merely assimilate with the mindless shuffling hordes.  I will not allow myself to become one of them.

I advocate change, radical change, and personal change.  It has become plainly obvious to others and myself that we cannot go on living the way we have.  Our ways of thinking about ourselves and our place in the world need to move forward.   We were never meant to become complacent and satisfied, we are meant to explore new realms and new worlds.  We are made to create, we are made to learn and we are made become something else.  I implore you all, to join me in this grand adventure and this great undertaking.  If we want to change external situations we must start with ourselves first.

Offerings to Odin strives to be a mirror that we must look into, and also a catalyst for self exploration and change.  Sometimes what I write about can be bleak, but sometimes what I write about can be uplifting.  Either way, I strive to challenge myself and our listeners to never be satisfied with your lot in life.   I chose my stage name of “Svipal” with great care and reverence.  Svipal is one of the many many names of Odin, and it means “Changer” or “Shape Shifter”.  In many respects that is exactly how I feel about myself and the name suits me to a T.