Lately it seems that things have been changing around me at a rapid pace. For whatever reason, it seems to me that the things I held as sure things are on shaky ground. This has led me to question my own beliefs and thoughts about myself. There have been times in my life when I feel like I have things figured out, times when I feel confident in what I know and I am sure-footed. Lately it seems to be the case that I feel inadequate. Just when I think I know something about a particular subject, I find many more people who know a great deal more than I.   It’s an incredibly humbling experience, especially for someone who has a lot of pride like myself. I suppose that having a good dose of humility every once in a while can keep me even keeled and hungry to find out more.   In truth, I should never be satisfied with what knowledge I have accumulated, I should always want to learn more about subjects that interest me. All too often, self-satisfaction is a rut that I can fall into, and I need to be more aware of that.   It is time for me to polish the knife and start cutting away the things that I don’t need and start concentrating on expanding my horizons.

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